Air humidifier market growth is boosted by heavy demand in cold regions

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Industry Trends

Global Air Humidifier Market size contributed greater than $851 million in 2015 and it is projected to surpass $1.31 billion by end of 2023 registering CAGR of 5.3%. They are expected to witness heavy demand in cold regions as heating systems cause sore eyes, sinus congestion, chapped skin & lips and sinus passages. Further, these equipments help in minimizing static electricity efficiently. Rising acceptance of air humidifiers in industrial applications are predicted to boost air humidifier industry trends all across the globe in future.

Dry climatic situations are highly susceptible to output of static electricity and can cause heavy obstruction to production device and various other electronic device operations. Also in heavily explosive segments, dry air and its resulting static charge can prove to be hazardous.

Increasing demand for air humidifiers from clinics is anticipated to propel air humidifier market trends during forecast timeframe. Factors like proliferation and prevention of biological pollutants are contributing to the growing demand for these systems.

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Product Trends
Global industry is segmented into various products like Cool-Mist air, Warm-Mist air, dry air and Ultrasonic system .

Warm-Mist air humidifier market size is predicted to cross $581 million mark by end of 2023. Expansion of segment is credited to pure air provided by the systems.

Ultrasonic system segment is predicted to display substantial expansion due to its low maintenance need and safe functioning.

Simple deployment process and user friendly features are anticipated to stimulate product demand in future. But dry air can create production problems or can cause wear & tear of materials like leather, paper, chemicals, textile, fiber and wood.

Air Humidifier Market Size

Technology Trends

Global air humidifier market was segmented into different technologies like whole- house systems and portable systems .

Whole-house systems are predicted to experience steady growth due to characteristics like low level of control and high energy consumption which can also affect its demand.

Portable air humidifier market share was more than 85.1% for 2015 and is predicted to increase in future. Expansion of the segment can be attributed to factors like portability, convenience and mobility displayed by the systems.

Application Trends

Global industry is segmented into various applications like industrial applications, commercial applications and residential applications.

Accurate level of air humidity is predicted to ensure high output and this aspect is predicted to be main driver across residential applications segment.

Humidification is predicted to be main factor for individual comfort in different indoor settings like residential as well as commercial surroundings.

Maximum power use along with less functional costs are predicted to enhance the demand for the air humidifier systems across different industrial sectors like operation theatres, data centers, clinics and production centers. These systems provide effective humidity control and high standards of compliance.

Regional Trends

Global air humidifier industry is segmented into main geographical regions like North America, MEA ,APAC, Europe and Latin America.

Europe air humidifier market contributed greater than 25.1% of total industry revenue for 2015. It is anticipated to register CAGR of about 5.1% during forecast timeframe. The growth can be contributed to cold atmospheric conditions.

North America air humidifier industry, primarily driven by U.S. air humidifier market , contributed more than $301 million to global industry for 2015.

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Competitive Trends

Key industry participants profiled in the report include DriSteem, Heaven Fresh, Stadler Form, Armstrong International Incorporation, Carrier, Nortec Humidity, LG Electronics, Honeywell International Incorporation, Aprilaire, Winix Incorporation, Neptronic, Philips, Boneco Ag, Guardian Technologies, Crane USA and Vornado Air LLC.


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