HIV diagnostics market growth is driven by rising prevalence of HIV/ AIDS globally

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Global HIV Diagnostics Market size contributed about $2.41 billion for 2015 and is expected to register CAGR of about 9.6% by end of forecast period. Rising cases of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and fast medical breakthroughs in terms of point of care diagnostics is predicted to drive HIV diagnostics market trends during forecast timeline.

HIV is found to be most common ailment, particularly in resource limited areas due to low health consciousness among the people and successful execution of antiretroviral treatment program. Rising occurrence of HIV has resulted in growing concerns among government to promote investments in events aimed at eradicating burden prices of HIV. Many such events include encouraging people to go for regular checkups. Multinational healthcare units like UNITAID spread HIV awareness and fund new technologies for treating and annihilating HIV.

U.S. HIV Diagnostics Market Size, by Product, 2012 – 2023 (USD Million)

U.S. HIV Diagnostics Market Size, by Product, 2012 - 2023 (USD Million)

Increasing point of care diagnostics sector is projected to favorably affect global HIV diagnostics industry. Different aspects like cost efficacy, toughness, minimal device requirement and quick diagnosis are anticipated to promote HIV point of care diagnostics sector. Technological breakthroughs in biochemical engineering for designing these tests in order to permit consecutive identification and quantification of many targets with use of limited resource settings are projected to propel industry expansion.

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Product Trends

Global HIV diagnostics industry is segmented into various products like viral load, early infant diagnosis, antibody tests, viral identification assay and CD4.

Antibody tests segment is sub-segmented into western blot tests, HIV-1 screening tests, dried blood spot tests, ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbent assay) tests, HIV- confirmatory tests, rapid test, western blot tests, line immunoassay, blood anti body tests, RIPA (radio immuno precipitation assay) tests, HIV-2 & group O tests and indirect immunofluorescent antibody assay (IIFA) tests.

This segment is predicted to contribute largely to HIV diagnostics market share during forecast timeline and is projected to surpass $1.6 billion by end of 2023. Extensive use and launching of modern point of care methods intended to surpass the cell distinguishing limitations and offer accurate outcomes will promote the segment expansion.

Viral identification assay segment is sub-segmented into viral culture, p24 antigen and qualitative PCR (polymerase chain reaction). Viral culture assay sub segment projected to touch $530 million by end of 2023 led the segment.

Viral load and CD4 segments are projected to register comparatively high CAGR of 9.91% and 10.2% during forecast timeline owing to increasing industry penetration as well as expansion of point of care diagnostics methods for such tests that would improve marketability in limited resource settings.

Regional Trends

Global HIV diagnostics market is segmented into North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Europe and Latin America.

North America HIV diagnostics market price was evaluated at $947 million for 2015 and it dominated the global industry during the year. Factors like rapid acceptance of technologically modernized diagnostic solutions service providers and growing demand for point of care tests in the region has promoted regional industry expansion.

Asia Pacific HIV diagnostics industry is projected to register CAGR of 10.8% during forecast timeline due to enhancement in healthcare services coupled with rise in levels of HIV consciousness amongst the population of the region. Further, the region possesses large pool of patients suffering from HIV ailment and this is projected to stimulate regional industry growth.

Competitive Trends

Key industry participants profiled in the report include Apogee Flow Systems Limited, Abbott Healthcare, Cepheid, Roche Diagnostics, Sysmex Corporation, Zyomyx Incorporation, Hologic Incorporation, Qiagen Incorporation, Siemens Healthcare and Alere Incorporation, Beckman Coulter, Daktari Diagnostics and Janssen Diagnostics.

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