Europe Warm Edge Spacer Industry size to accrue massive revenue from the residential sector over 2017-2024

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Europe warm edge spacer market is on its way to chart out a lucrative business path, subject to the strict norms for controlling GHG emissions in the atmosphere. Warm edge spacers provide high thermal insulation and monitor the window sealing’s energy losses, thereby reducing carbon emissions from commercial buildings. The thriving energy efficient windows market will favorably leverage the business roadmap for Europe warm edge s[acer market. As per the European Commission, constructions account for 40% of overall energy consumption and contribute towards 36% of carbon dioxide emissions in Europe. Hence, the EC has introduced the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive in 2010 and the Energy Efficiency Directive in 2012 for energy conservation of buildings. In November 2016, it made changes in its 2010 Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, according to which all new constructions must be zero energy emission compliant by 2020.

Germany Warm Edge Spacer Market, By Product, 2016 (Million Meters)
Germany Warm Edge Spacer Market, By Product, 2016 (Million Meters)

As per 2030 energy strategy, countries belonging to the European Union have set the target to curb carbon emissions by more than 40% till 2030. They have also decided to promote the prominent use of green technologies for fulfilling its long-term goal of minimizing GHG emission levels by 2050. According to Global Market Insights, Inc., “Europe Warm Edge Spacer Industry revenue, estimated at USD 100 million in 2016, is projected to surpass USD 250 million by 2024.” Growing need for protecting the constructions from ultraviolet radiations along with rising trend towards thermal insulation of windows for energy preservation will augment Europe warm edge spacer market share.

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Considering the topographical trends, Russian industry, which contributed to more than 15% of Europe warm edge spacer market size in 2016, is projected to experience a massive growth over the next few years. Favorable legislations pertaining to energy conservation are expected to foster the industry development. Germany warm edge spacer industry revenue is anticipated to be favorably influenced by the large presence of key players and distributors. It will contribute notably towards Europe warm edge spacer market revenue.

Escalating demand for glazing windows as opposed to their traditional counterparts coupled with the strict governmental norms to enhance energy efficiency will result in the steep expansion of Turkey warm edge spacer market. High popularity of energy efficient devices owing to the need for saving energy will further augment market demand. Supportive government incentives and subsides for encouraging the purchase of energy efficient items will also push Poland industry revenue, thereby driving Europe warm edge spacer market.

Europe warm edge spacer industry share from UK is projected to observe an annual growth rate of 12% over the period of 2017-2024, driven by house insulation to curb energy wastage & depletion. Italy industry, which accounted for over 6% of Europe warm edge spacer market size in 2016, is expected to experience a substantial growth in future. The government has been supporting the construction of green buildings to annihilate carbon footprints, thereby contributing remarkably towards the business space.

Warm edge spacers find major applications across commercial and residential sectors. Europe warm edge spacer market size in the residential sector is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 12% over 2017-2024. Implementation of strict measures to reduce ecological dilapidation and enhance energy efficiency will constructively leverage the industry landscape.

Based on the product trends, Europe warm edge spacer industry is segmented into stainless steel spacers, flexible spacers, and plastic/metal hybrid spacers. Flexible spacers, which contributed more than 25% of Europe warm edge spacer industry share in 2016, is projected to grow notably over the coming timeframe. Beneficial product features such as resistance to gas leakage as well as moisture penetration are expected to contribute notably towards the revenue.

Technoform Glass Insulation Holding GmbH, GED Integrated Solutions, SWISSPACER, Quanex, Thermoseal Incorporation, Kömmerling, Ensinger, Edgetech, Cardinal Glass, Allmetal, DGS, and Hygrade are the key participants of Europe warm edge spacer industry.

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