Emerging trends in the pharmaceuticals sector to foster overall fumed silica market growth over 2019-2025

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Broad application scope across myriad sectors including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food & beverage and electronics, etc., will drive fumed silica market size. The product has multiple functionalities including a rheology modifier, desiccant, thickening agent, anti-sagging agent, viscosity controller and anti-caking agent, among others, designed to enhance the productivity of other products.

Emerging trends in drug manufacturing activities in tandem with the improving capsule and drug performance characteristics are likely to stimulate fumed silica market demand. The product is used often for drug manufacturing in order to enhance flow properties and mitigate any issues pertaining to compaction or non-uniformity, the latter of which is a common obstacle for the pharmaceutical industry.

The product enhances bond strength in capsules and tablets and aids in particle rearrangement. Additionally, it helps avoid bridging and reduces friction and statics charges. Industry growth is bolstered by the significant surge in pharmaceutical production, stemming from the rising financial interest from pharma companies towards R&D efforts for efficient drug manufacturing activities.

Based on estimates by a Global Market Insights, Inc. report, the worldwide fumed silica market share is expected to surpass $1.5 billion over 2025.

UPRs or unsaturated polyester resins, when in their pure form, face a deficiency of viscosity levels and thixotropic properties, which can be corrected through the application of pyrogenic silica in the resins, Since these resins are a major component in the construction industry and are used extensively for roofing tiles, pipes bathroom furniture, cladding panels, pre-fabricated buildings and more, their demand across the residential, industrial and commercial construction sector is expected to witness a commendable upsurge in the years ahead, which will in turn augment fumed silica industry demand.

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While the fumed silica market from the hydrophobic product segment is anticipated to depict an appreciable CAGR of over 5.5% through 2025, the hydrophilic silica segment is expected to hold a dominant position in the overall market over the forecast spell. This is on account of its vast application potential, including as a thickening and reinforcing agent in silicone manufacturing. Major factors enabling the hydrophilic silica segment to take the lead in the market are its untreated nature and its ability to be dispersed in water, which its hydrophobic counterpart is not suited for.

The paints, coatings and inks application segment is poised to surpass over 50 kilo tons consumption by 2025. Robust development in the segment is largely due to increased product utilization in enhancing the rheological and thixotropic properties of paints & coatings products. Fumed silica avoids the sagging of paints applied to vertical surfaces and minimizes the risk of corrosion of the coating.

Fumed silica is applied extensively to adhesive & sealant formulations to facilitate reinforcement and rheological characteristics. The adhesives & sealants application segment is anticipated to depict a significant CAGR of more than 4.5% through 2025. Escalating adhesive and sealant utilization across the construction and automotive industries will support product growth in the coming years.

Fumed silica industry from the food & beverages segment is likely to record sizeable growth at a rate of over 3.5% through 2025. The product helps maintain food product quality through the enhancement of flow properties and also inhibits caking formation thereby extending the product lifespan to a great extent. Additionally, it functions as a flavor masking agent and helps attain cost efficiency.

The fumed silica market in North America may hold a considerable chunk of the overall revenue share over the estimated timeline. This rapid development seems to be attributed primarily to the burgeoning pharmaceutical sector in the region. In fact, North America accounted for almost half of the worldwide pharmaceutical sales in 2018, according to the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations. Therefore prolific advancements in the pharmaceutical industry will proliferate fumed silica market growth in the years ahead.

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