Asia Pacific Smart Water Metering Market Trends

Unveiling APAC smart water metering market with regards to the regional frame of reference: adoption of IoT-driven smart water metering solutions to drive the industry expansion

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Asia Pacific smart water metering market is expected to make remarkable inroads in the global smart technology space, primarily pertaining to the increasing deployment of smart infrastructure in the utility sector. Lately, there has been a rapid expansion in advanced water metering technology, especially in the developed economies of the Asia Pacific, given that smart water meters consist of a two-way communication or drive-by reads that provides utility companies with an additional connection to be offered to customers. In addition, a smart water meter can better understand water quality and distribution parameters, thereby enabling service reliability and efficiency across the electricity, water/sewer, natural gas, and oil sectors. These factors have naturally led to improved financial benefits to the utility industry as well as enhanced satisfaction for customers, providing a viable base for the expansion of APAC smart water metering market.

China Smart Water Metering Market Size, By Application, 2017 & 2024 (USD Million)
China Smart Water Metering Market Size, By Application, 2017 & 2024 (USD Million)

Asia Pacific, being a powerhouse of the manufacturing and construction sectors, has been the recipient of exorbitant electricity bills since quite a while. Indeed, the per capita consumption across some of the Asian nations has been reported to be among the highest across the globe. It is thus rather overt, that the deployment of advanced smart water meters, that have reportedly given water utilities accurate and timely data that better help serve their customers and also offer additional tactics for conserving water, thereby lowering water bills, is extremely crucial for the continent.

Due to rapid advancement in the water metering industry, utilities across the APAC now use cloud based IoT and analytics driven smart water metering solutions that potentially help end-use industries and consumers in making better decisions towards the conservation of natural resources. In addition, big data technology has also led to managing industry related challenges such as identify performance related issues, improving customer service and recording trends of events, eventually enabling industries experience the benefits of reduced operating costs and better prioritized infrastructure investments. Powered by the robust deployment of big data enabled water metering solutions, APAC smart water metering market is projected to experience substantial momentum ahead.

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APAC smart water metering market to accrue hefty proceeds from China

China is expected to emerge as one of the most pivotal revenue grounds for APAC smart water metering market, particularly on account of the extreme water scarcity and the poor quality of water in the country. The issue is vividly being addressed by the government by means of active promotional programs in tandem with the implementation of digital devices.

Reports claim that Chinese government, in its 12th & 13th five-year plans, has launched the smart city investment hub to propel the deployment of smart water and electricity meters across the country. Powered by the support of government authorities, APAC smart water metering market size from China is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 15% over 2018-2024.

India to be a prominent revenue pocket for APAC smart water metering market

APAC smart water metering market size from India is projected to grow at an appreciable pace in the ensuing years, driven by the  aging commercial infrastructure in the nation. Not to mention, India, for the longest time, has been remnant of leakage issues and non-revenue water loss. That said, the ever-expanding populace of the country is also responsible for the growth of the regional industry. Sources predict that by 2050, almost 70% of total Indian population will reside in its urban cities. With shrinking water reservoirs, low rainfall, and high population density, fulfilling the region’s water requirement has emerged as quite a challenge. In the face of this ordeal, the adoption of smart water meters equipped with sensors that deliver real time monitoring could help identify and reduce water leakages and water wastage considerably.

The APAC smart water metering industry size from India will also be aided by a plethora of supportive regulations that intent to replace existing meters in the country. The Indian government’s smart city programs are also expected to help propel the deployment of smart water meters in the nation. Indeed, in 2015, the government of India, under its Smart Cities Mission, declared that it plans to set up 100 smart cities, in the consideration of which the cabinet has already given the green signal for a funding of USD 13 billion. Aided by a favorable regulatory spectrum and the proposed large-scale urbanization, APAC smart water metering market size from India is anticipated to increase in the years to come.

Major players across the Asia Pacific smart water metering market include Schneider Electric, Honeywell Elster, Siemens, Badger Meter, Aclara Technologies, Diehl Metering, Arad Group, Kamstrup Metering Solutions, Sensus and Jiangxi Sanchuan. The adoption of tactics such as collaboration and acquisitions with leading tech providers has helped industry players provide high-grade and cost effective smart metering technologies to customers. Powered by the deployment of cloud IoT, big data and analytics, the issues surrounding water bill management and unwanted leak avoidance are being suitably dealt with, in the emerging APAC economies. As per reliable estimates, APAC smart water metering market size, by the end of 2014, is likely to cross an annual installation of 6 million units.

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