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Growing adoption of cloud-based platforms to fuel automated infrastructure management (AIM) solutions market share

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Global automated infrastructure management (AIM) solutions market size is expected to gain significant traction in the forthcoming years due to growing dependence on data center solutions for the management and processing of data across various end-use segments. Evolving digitization trends have resulted in increased adoption of cloud-based technologies in data centers. These ensure efficient management of various IT operations.

Cloud infrastructure automation tools offer numerous benefits such as automatic software updates and increased collaborations that help ensure fast and flexible delivery of service. One of major advantage of cloud computing is that it provides high competitiveness to the system, ensuring efficient management of complex and hybrid cloud environments. These tools facilitate delivery of optimized infrastructure solutions by accelerating the organizational process, particularly for mission critical applications.

The use of online data management platforms has risen substantially over the past few years. Data volumes equivalent to several terabytes need to be handled and processed regularly. Consequently, this has created a strong need for reliable software applications to help perform critical operations including seismic interpretation, well-path planning, and unconventional system engineering. Robust demand for high-performance computing, data processing, data transfer and data back-up solutions is driving global AIM solutions market outlook.

On the basis of applications, global AIM solutions industry share is segmented into device discovery, asset management, and incident management. Device discovery solutions are projected to record a healthy 14% CAGR over 2019-2025. These solutions are predominantly used to detect the insertion or removal of patch cables. Device discovery tools play a key role in collecting and storing information regarding cabling connectivity. These tools are responsible for providing information pertaining to connected devices and reporting their statuses in the IT infrastructure.

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Device discovery software further allows to connect the acquired information with other sources via Application Program Interfaces (API). The software enables users to discover network devices within the facility and help track their exact position. All the aforementioned benefits offered by device discovery solutions will lead to increased adoption of the software, opening up promising new opportunities for AIM solution developers worldwide.

Asia Pacific automated infrastructure management solutions industry is poised to amass substantial gains in the years to come. This can be primarily attributed to rising penetration of IT and telco companies across various APAC countries. These companies are rapidly adopting AIM tools for efficient data management and facilitate work operations of their data centers. This has resulted in a tremendous rise in the construction of data center sites across the region, stimulating the demand for cutting-edge AIM hardware and software.

Rapid expansion of the manufacturing sector in major APAC countries such as China, India and Japan has led to a sharp rise in export activities. Subsequently, this is pushing the need for automation of data center facilities. Manual handling and management of data poses several challenges and issues which is promoting the adoption of infrastructure automation tools. In addition, complexity relating to document management of cabling networks is further encouraging data center operators to switch to enhanced solutions, fostering APAC AIM solutions industry forecast.

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