Oryzanol Market Outlook

Global oryzanol market to amass remarkable proceeds from nutraceutical & sports supplement applications, Asia Pacific to emerge as a key revenue pocket over 2019-2025

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Growing awareness among the global population regarding the availability of essential substances that enhance health has augmented the oryzanol market penetration, further supported by the demand for naturally sourced products. Worldwide efforts to harness the nutritional benefits of vegetables and grains has enabled the development of technologies to extract rice bran oil, the key source of oryzanol. A broad range of applications, from edible oils, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to bodybuilding supplements, has nurtured the oryzanol market growth over the last few years. Continued research and technical advancements in the production of health products will considerably increase the substance’s consumption in major healthcare markets, like North America and Asia-Pacific, indicating lucrative prospects for the oryzanol industry.

Asia-Pacific (APAC) could particularly become the prominent consumer of oryzanol-rich products across different end-user segments, owing to the rising population and inherently growing health problems like heart diseases, diabetes and obesity. Indeed, APAC oryzanol industry size will register a CAGR of 15% over 2019-2025. Fundamentally, the region producing the largest quantities of a raw material also tends to be a dominant consumer of products made from them. APAC comprises of China, India, Vietnam and many other countries which have significantly large output of rice production every year. In addition, with rapid industrialization and changing lifestyle preferences towards more healthy food and cosmetic ingredients, the region could witness faster infusion of nutraceuticals and sports supplements developed with the help of the oryzanol industry. Development of innovative approaches towards obtaining the substance from raw material will also benefit the industry players.

Speaking further, a company from Japan had spent almost 10 years on R&D to develop a novel technology for harnessing rice bran oil. It unveiled a patented technology for low temperature extraction that naturally reserves the average content of oryzanol and delivers a high-quality product. The company’s dedication towards bringing the substance to market for customers demonstrates the massive potential of the oryzanol market. Besides, the market opportunities for the substance can be surmised from rising cases of heart blockages and a surge in geriatric population susceptible to health issues, presenting a wide consumer base for nutraceuticals that alleviate heart diseases.

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To elaborate, research has shown that oryzanol helps to increase the level of good cholesterol in the body and lower the bad cholesterol, as it reduces the absorption of cholesterol from food. Experts have reported that people from South Asia are almost four times more likely to suffer from a heart condition that the general population, mostly due their diet which consists of fatty foods and high sugar content. In fact, cardiovascular disorder is said to be the leading cause of death in India, a country which could turn up as a notable target for the oryzanol market. With more people becoming conscious about the health risks they are faced with, nutraceutical consumption will certainly rise in the region to maintain cholesterol levels and their overall health, thrusting the APAC oryzanol industry expansion.

Evidently, shifting trends in the attitude towards physical fitness, in combination with the growing disposable incomes in countries like India, Malaysia, Australia and Singapore has propelled revenues for the fitness and sports supplements industry. In 2017, it was estimated that health and fitness clubs in China and Japan had amassed over USD 3.5 billion each in terms of remunerations, signifying a vital application segment for the regional oryzanol industry. Expounding the statement, this enormous spending on improvement of physical fitness will strengthen the demand for suitable nutraceuticals and sports supplements in APAC region, and oryzanol is a crucial component of several such health products.

All in all, the APAC oryzanol market is anticipated to grow at a remarkable pace over the coming years due to the accelerated consumer spending on health and fitness products. Constituting of the biggest rice producing nations in the world, the regional competitive landscape of the oryzanol industry is outlined by key participants like Delekang Food, Oryza Oil & Fat Chemical, Jining Ankang Pharmaceuticals and Okayasu.

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