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Oil-free rotary scroll air compressor market to register commendable proceeds over 2019-2024, soaring demand from medical and home appliances sector to fuel the industry growth

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Surging demand for cooling systems in residential and commercial spaces along with rising global population will propel rotary scroll air compressor market growth over the coming years. Air conditioners (A/C) have certainly become an essential consumer appliance in both residential and commercial sectors. In fact, according to the U.S Department of Energy (DoE) report, A/C represent to about a $100 billion, 100 million-unit/year global market, accounting for 4.5 exajoules of site energy consumption each year.

U.S. Rotary Scroll Air Compressor Market Size, by Lubrication, 2013 – 2024 (USD Million)
U.S. Rotary Scroll Air Compressor Market Size, by Lubrication, 2013 – 2024 (USD Million)

Needless to mention, with such high product and energy demands, the adoption of rotary scroll air compressor has become vital in the recent years. The product offers low noise, reliable, smoother, and more energy efficient outputs compared to some compressors. Further, due to fewer parts, scroll air compressors are less prone to mechanical failure. Attributed to these features, the product adoption in industries like pharmaceutical, healthcare, food & beverage, expected to soar high in the coming years. .

Application of rotary scroll air compressor in the home appliances

With rapid urbanization and an increase in people’s standard of living, the use of rotary scroll air compressors has, of late, grown significantly in certain home appliances. The component allows products to provide low noise, energy efficient operations whilst offering cleaner compressed air across the system, benefits that bring about significant aids to human health, comfort and productivity.

Furthermore, with rising population, urban climatic conditions and disposable income in emerging economies, the use of efficient air cooling appliances is likely to surge over the coming years, in turn supplementing market growth. Citing one such instance, IEA’s 2018 report claim that the global stock of air conditioners in buildings will reach 5.6 billion by 2050, up from current 1.6 billion trends.

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Oil-free air compressors to propel the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors

Based on lubrication, oil-free rotary scroll air compressor offers key features like high reliability, low vibration and sound levels, continuous operation, 100% duty cycle, energy efficient, compact design, low maintenance and cleaner air outputs, essential features required in medical, research and biotechnology sector.

Some oil-free compressors are also designed specifically for industrial and laboratory applications to offer the highest level of air purity and eliminating the risk of product contamination due to oil carryover. In addition, the technology also helps in avoiding expensive filter replacements, cutting the cost of oil condensate treatment, and reducing energy loss from pressure drop in filters – benefits that will significantly propel the product adoption in the aforementioned sectors. In fact, the oil-free rotary scroll air compressor market is expected to register a CAGR of 3% over 2019-2024.

APAC rotary scroll air compressor market to amass commendable growth proceeds

Rising urbanization, per capita income and climatic conditions across countries like China and India are driving the Asia Pacific rotary scroll air compressor market growth. The product has gained immense demand from the region’s food and beverage sector, owing to its ability to provide cleaner and dry air to ensure high product quality. Moreover, increasing investment to set up or upgrade existing cold storage infrastructures is likely to supplement market growth.

For instance, as per recent news reports, around Rs 21,000 crore is slated to be invested in India in the next 4-5 years for setting up or upgrading cold storages plant, machinery, and technology in a bid to address issues of stockpiling of perishable commodities in the country. Besides, increasing population, changing lifestyles and time constraints for meal preparation in urban families have further led to a surge in demand for ready-to-eat products, thus exhibiting promising growth prospects for the thriving market.

All in all, with a vast expanse of applications including home appliances, medical & pharmaceutical, food & beverage, automotive & transportation, and biotechnology industries, the growth prospects for rotary scroll air compressor market are anticipated to remain high. The key features associated with the product like low sound and vibration, high reliability and efficiency and low cost for maintenance is slated to attract added market growth in the ensuing years. In terms of commercialization, global rotary scroll air compressor market size is estimated to exceed a valuation of USD 5.5 billion by 2024.

Author Name : Mateen Dalal