Increasing demand for customizable integrated circuits to boost field programmable gate array (FPGA) market demand

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Global Field Programmable Gate Array(FPGA) Market size was evaluated at $5.28 billion for 2014 and is predicted to register CAGR of 8.41% during forecast period. Rising demand for customizable integrated circuits as well as from application fields is predicted to fuel industry expansion during forecast timeframe.

Technological breakthroughs are predicted to drive field programmable gate array(FPGA) market share expansion. Arrays can be reprogrammed and posses prebuilt logic gates. They can be configured to execute required hardware functions. Software is created for online computing tasks that can be compiled into configuration file. Hence, when another circuitry configuration is recompiled, resultant FPGA becomes totally reprogrammed for particular application field. Another key advantage of using these chips is application of customized circuits at lesser price. They can also operate as customized microprocessors with associated peripherals.

Use of the FPGA products across many of the end use sectors is predicted to propel industry growth in future. These equipments have in-built RAM which functions as a system central processing unit(CPU) and performs digital signal processing operations like image intensification and signal processing in smart phones. They are utilized for many purposes in flat panel displays that includes panel controller, display panel applications, video processing, battery management, video board and operating mode.

FPGA programming technology is also used in healthcare segment for medical imaging device due to high performance computing requirement. General diagnostic imaging instruments comprise CT scanners, X-ray, nuclear medicine imaging, mammography device, MRI(magnetic resonance imaging) and ultra sound device. Benefits provided by the programming technique in digital signal processing as compared to other processors makes it a good alternative for most devices consisting volume imaging conducted in current generation PET(Polyethylene terephthalate) equipments.

However, design complexity and ASIC which can be used as alternative are predicted to hamper industry expansion in future. Growing reputation of medical electronics and rising demand from APAC zone is predicted to provide numerous growth avenues to the industry participants during forecast timeframe.

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Application Trends

The industry is segmented into various applications like telecomm and automotive. Telecomm sector contributed greater than 33% of the total FPGA(field programmable gate array)market share for 2014 and is predicted to maintain its domination in future. Heavy demand of bandwidth for video applications and growing use in base stations for 3G network to LTE network up gradation are few of the factors credited for sector growth.

Rising number of integrated circuits in vehicles is predicted to be a key aspect for automotive sector. Further, favorable government regulations for hybrid and electric vehicles to minimize green house emissions are predicted to positively affect sector growth. It contributed for more than 17% of total FPGA((field programmable gate array) industry share for 2014 and is predicted to expand at CAGR of greater than 8.5% during forecast timeframe.

Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Market Size

Regional Trends

APAC FPGA(field programmable gate array)industry size was evaluated at about $2.2 billion for 2014 and is predicted to surpass $4.3 billion by end of forecast timeframe. Countries like Taiwan, China, India, South Korea and Japan substantially contribute towards automotive sector and consumer electronics segment and this is the reason for industry growth in the region.

U.S. FPGA(field programmable gate array)market contributed more than 25% of the total revenue share for 2014. Large scale investments in aerospace and defense applications along with growth of telecommunications sector is predicted to fuel regional industry expansion during forecast timeframe.

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Competitive Trends

Key industry players profiled in the report includes Microsemi Corporation, Aeroflex Incorporation, Lattice Semiconductor, Achronix, Cypress Semiconductor, Xilinx Incorporation, Achronix Semiconductor Corporation, Atmel Corporation, Tabula, Altera Corporation, Intel Corporation, Texas Instruments and QuickLogic and Xilinx.