New substance to transform waterproofing industry

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Researchers at Australian National University have created a new spray on substance with a great ability to repel water. The new protective coating surface can be utilized to waterproof mobiles, protect boat hulls from rusting and prevent ice formation on airplanes.The surface is a nanoparticle layer that slides off the water as if it is a hot barbecue. The research team developed a much stronger coating layer than former materials by blending two plastics, one flexible and another strong. It is just like two intertwined fishing nets which are made up of diverse materials.

This superhydrophobic coating which repels water is also transparent and ultraviolet radiation resistant. According to leading researcher Antonio Tricoli, this new substance can change our way of interacting with liquids. The main breakthrough in this transparent coating layer is that it has the ability to steady very delicate nanomaterials leading to ultra -robust Nano textures with many real world uses.

The team of researchers created two methods of developing the substance, both of them are cost effective and easy to produce than established methods of production. One technique makes use of a flame to produce nanoparticle ingredients of the substance. For low-temperature applications, the research team liquefied two parts in a sprayable form.

According to Mr. Wong, a Ph.D. student from nanotechnology research lab of Australian National University, in addition to waterproofing property, the surface possesses the ability to regulate substance properties and can be applied to broad range of various other coatings.

Today, many of functional coatings are not so strong but the principles applied to develop this coating surface can be applied to robust coatings to make them oil-repellent, anti-corrosive and self-cleaning.

All these factors will promote more such research in this field. This, in turn, will lead to the growth of waterproofing membrane market. As per the Global Market Insights report, the global waterproofing membrane market is projected to record a CAGR of 6.7% and touch 3.24 billion square meters by end of 2022.

Author NameDhananjay Punekar

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